Hi everybody! I'm Meganuke (A. K. A. Alex Matty). I am a cybersecurity enthusiast with a passion to learn. You can usually find me working on something different every day. Reverse Engineering, Web Security Testing, Scripting, Web Development, or doing some research. It all depends on what I come across at the moment, whether is an issue, a roadblock, a new topic, or simple curiosity.

I am currently pursuing the Network+ certification by CompTIA and I'm certified as a CompTIA Security+ and eJPT. My plan for the near future is to become OSCP certified and get a couple more certifications along the way. Let's see what the future holds for me.

Apart from computers, I love art. I play guitar and piano and I produce and compose music (you can check it either on my Soundcloud or Youtube channel). I also love making furniture. (Which was my job and source of income for a few years). Occasionally I also paint and take photos (Usually live music performances and a little bit of street photography) You can check both on the Arts and Crafts page.

Currently I'm holding these certifications

I also love making music

You can find me at:

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