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  • Bandit an Over The wire wargame (Writeup) Part 1

    Over The Wire is a great place to play a wargame and learn how to improve an sharpen your cybersecurity skills. Today we are describing how to play Bandit A cool basic game that will teach us several basic commands and maybe will prove our levels or knowledge.

    4 April 2022

  • I never thought it would be like this

    I've wanted to get a cybersecurity related job for a few years now. And finally, after a long wait, I've got one! It is a great feeling being able to wake up in the morning and get to do something I actually enjoy. But it is also a daunting experience in which you have to learn and move faster than light in order to keep being productive, important and useful. Otherwise you will become obsolete in a matter of days.

    21 March 2022

  • Deobfuscating and Understanding a Malicious Javascript File

    First, it will eval the FirstActiveXObjects variable, which will be used to instantiate the shell, provide shell access, and access to the filesystem. It then will check if a Folder exist with a function returning either True or False.

    24 November 2021

  • Enhancing Firefox by tinkering with its guts

    So I began my research and found that specific settings for an specific profile are saved in a file called prefs.js. From this file, Firefox reads the values and specifies them and starts a session using them.

    8 November 2021

  • How to start in Cybersecurity

    I first needed to understand how the web worked, how a client and a server communicate, and how everything else worked. That was the moment everything came together.

    26 September 2021

  • How to be (a little) safer online

    Every single thing you do on your computer or smartphone can be watched by anyone who knows how. You have to be very careful because now everything is connected to you.

    3 May 2021

  • What are Digital Certificates

    An SSL or TLS Certificate (A.K.A. Digital or Identify certificates) are digital files used to certify a public key's ownership. These certificates are issued and signed by a CA (Certificate Authority)...

    3 May 2021

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